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Are you still using the regular lighter that are not working after using them every two or three times. Then you need to see this, no matter how you found us, but you are here, you made it and it’s so nice to meet you. 

Either way we got your back,

Set your standard up by these wonderful lighters. As the technology is growing you also need to switch up: for this purpose we have an Electric arc lighter.

Why you should buy our product?

If I was at your place I would have the same question too, being a lighter collector, I would like this product to be;


2.      Wind resistible

3.      Refillable

4.      Packaging

     Should be safe from

1. When capped or turned off, electric lighters shouldn’t produce an accidental spark.

2. It shouldn’t stop working after two or three times of usage; that’s what every regular lighter do.

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